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Spreading Humanity by Sabina Budathoki


Humanity can be defined as the quality of being human; the compassionate, sympathetic or generous behaviour. And spreading such lawful character of humans, leads to spreading humanity. Humanity means extending unconditional love to each and every living being on earth. It is known that only human being can understand the importance of humanity and essence of being human. But even animals despite having less thinking capability than us humans, also depict the great example of humanity; take the example of the the way a mother monkey cares for her infant, or how lioness protects her cubs symbolize the feeling of love and compassion in nature’s wilds as well.

One of the most outstanding proverbs has been beautifully portrayed by Mother Teresa. “Humanity means caring for and helping others wherever and whenever possible. Humanity means helping others at a time when they need that help the most. Humanity means forgetting your selfish interest at time when other need your help.” We can find that life is still worthwhile if we see others smile by our little assistance. We live in the world that has created alluring music, inspiring literature and breathtakingly sceneries. But we continue to spend our days being trapped behind a desk eight hours a day, dreaming of wealth, happiness, conquering the world and changing its fate. It’s just our greed.

We live in a world that, although it has borders, it is limitless. We imagine to live in a world that, where all religions are recognized, and all humans can choose his/her religion. Yes, people shouldn’t be blamed for their beliefs. And we, as people, should fight for this. However, nowadays, we try to take this, the right to choose their religion, right to have belief on their ideals, away from the people. We engage in wars, bloodshed, and terrorism in the name of that religions that we don’t even care to understand. We blame the people who follow different God just for being different. But, we never realize that every religion tells us the same story and ethics about humanity, peace, and love. Humanity is the foundation of religion, and so no religion is higher than humanity. Yet we kill humanity in the name of religion. Just how insane can we be? When will humans understand that we can worship god; can praise the energy of nature that inspires us without feeling threatened or sacred? We are humans to share the same color of blood, and live on the same mother earth. When will we realizes, it’s us humans for humans? When will humanity rise?

Seems like a lot of complaints but, we live in a world, which has granted us the right to be free, deems us all as equals and has given us the opportunity to learn from one another. But instead of searching peace and freedom , some nations still invest billions of dollars in arming themselves and preparing for the inevitable “next war”; that war where innocent individuals get bombed, killed, orphaned, disabled, harmed, and shot each day. The media thrive through the images and sound of guns, the crying of mothers who lost their children become another headline or a cover story. Such a world we live in. We live in the world that is capable of printing tri-dimensional copies of almost any object. But, In the same world, 870 million people go to bed empty stomach fighting with hunger, about 150 million people spend their 24/7 hour time in streets having to do harsh work for joining their hands to mouths. We, today, prefer to invest in research for new smart phones or machinery equipment rather than finding the cure of HIV/AIDS and feeding the world. What a world we live in.

In the era of having the fastest vehicles which can travel 135m per second, people are still walking barefooted to reach their homes during the outbreak of a pandemic disease. In Muslim countries like Pakistan, Iran, Iraq etc, many women and children are being tainted in the name of religion. The terrorists torture them to steal money, sell drugs, and even engage them in prostitution luring them with food to feed their family. But every individual should aware of this. We should live by each other’s happiness not by each other’s misery. We shouldn’t hate and despise one other. In this world, there is room for everyone and earth is rich and can provide life. Remember in this vast universe, no life exists elsewhere, neither on Mars nor Mercury nor any other planet can be as diverse and wonderful as the one that this blue planet holds. But still this is the world we live in.

Humanity is still advancing and it will probably continue to advance for hundreds and thousands of years. For showing humanity, you don’t need to be a rich person, you need to be rich of heart, not gold. Even you can show humanity by helping someone. As per my experience in LEO Club of Kathmandu Margadarsan, I realize, I have spent my most precious time in the most worthy place with most insightful people. Through Leo clubs, we conduct different programs, from learning to sharing to teaching. I have seen example of Leos donating necessary amenities for school children, medicinal kit and medicine to earthquake victim and there are some others who are still providing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the medical person during this global covid-19 pandemic disease. With the mixture of joy, love, bliss, we as Leos share many other nameless emotions with them. When we show humanity, we feel a pinch in our inner soul, that good feeling which we cannot get from anything else. We must realize what we are for in this world. Remember, the religion you believe in, every nature you live in, every less thinking capability animal than you have taught you about humanity. When will you start to spread now? One who serve humanity is the happiest man on the globe. Real happiness is our inner satisfaction which we can get be serving humanity, even rich people can’t buy the inner happiness by their billion dollar, that the inner happiness s/he can get by humanity.

All in all, Charlie Chaplin once said “We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.” Humanitarian activities shouldn’t be performed in order to achieve fame or gain social status symbol. Similarly, being not so famous is not a greater problem than hunger and poverty for person who has nothing to eat. So, before you were Ram, Shyam, Sita or Gita, you are a human being, like everyone else around you. So, spread love, care, and kindness, i.e. spread humanity for this blue planet, and make your home, your earth, a better place for everyone, keeping a tag on our brainy brain: Being Human.

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