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Spreading Humanity by Sabina Lamsal

Do you know what is the precious things within us that will grow more as we serve? If you say YES! And your answer is humanity you are pretty smart. The word humanity is derived from Latin “Humanitas” which means human nature or kindness. The essence of humanity lies in being humane. Humanity is where soul meets life. A feeling of positivity, willingness to serve with truth, love, peace and unity is all needed to define you as a good human being. Every creature on this Earth deserves to live a life for which they are intended to. Humanity can also mean showing kindness, empathy, benevolence and compassion to fellow humans and every other living creature. Humanity can only be spread and nurtured in the presence of good human minds.

Given that humanity is the love and consideration for every living being into existence, spreading humanity is not an easy job. I believe “A good heart and a rational mind are all that is needed to serve humanity.” Let’s start by doing a small act of kindness. Even lifting the heavy bag for an old woman, helping a differently-abled person to cross the road, saving some of your pocket money to buy bread to street children struggling for food counts to the level. All these countless acts of kindness continue to enhance day to day lives and emotional well-being of people around the globe. Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Malala Yousafzai, Anuradha Koirala are some of the influential personalities who have spent their whole life fighting for social rights by serving humanity. The greatness lies when you show kindness to others in any way possible.

If I ask you, who is one of the richest people on this earth? Well! Every one spells hurriedly- Bill Gates, the founder and CEO of Microsoft. But let’s learn from Mr Gates, who did he think richer than him? In an interview, when Gates was asked the same question, he replied that the newspaper vendor who used to sell the newspaper at the airport is richer than him. When Gates was young and passed by the vendor, he didn’t have small changes to buy the newspaper. The man gave him the newspaper for free. This was not just a single time. The man was happy to quench his thirst of news by giving him newspaper for free the second time too. When Gates visited the same man after 19 years and offered to fulfil his any dreams for the kindness he showed in the past, the man replied “I helped you when I was poor and had nothing. But you are trying to help me when you have everything. So your help can’t match with mine.” Gates turned speechless at this. Not only Gates, everyone will get touched by the statement. It is obvious from Gates’ experience that one does not need a hefty bank account to contribute to humanitarian activities. It is one of it but not all of it.

Humanity adds fuel to our life. But there has been a contradiction to the universal law of the humankind in today’s world. We the Homo sapiens are known for intellectual power, making us be considered as the superior most among living beings in the Earth. With tremendous amounts of advancements in science and technology, selfish acts exhibited by the human to maintain quality of life with overconsumption of available natural resources has led rest living on earth suffering. Ironically, human has become more selfish and greedy than ever before. We are wandering around in this ecosystem violently in search of monetary happiness. The natural resources are depleting day by day and the list of extinct animals is getting longer with every tick of a watch. The world is waking and vigilant 24/7 today, leaving but Has the humanity within us slept forever? Does the most intelligent creature of the planet bear no responsibility to protect other innocent beings?

The world is craving for humanity when there is a clash between people and countries for supremacy in terms of religion, territory or power. It is very sad to know that the level of ethical and moral values of man is declining day by day. The god within the human is becoming dumb and the devil is louder. Somewhat our happiness is relying on the suffering of others. Cruel acts like disregarding animal welfare, speaks the brutality of man towards animals to a large extent. Nevertheless, terrorism is the result of malpractice of socio-political issues. Just for some nasty reasons, man is betraying man. The more the society is boasting of being educated and civilized, the more is the incidence of criminal activities like rape, sexual harassment, murder, gender biases, smuggling. Hence, because of the high sense of disparity in every one of us that drives our thoughts, actions and intentions to react accordingly with various aspects of human life which had sequentially over the years infected other’s mind to propel dishonesty, falsehood, atrocities, ruthless and brutality in this world.

Ronald Reagan once said, “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” Start helping underprivileged group, speak for the welfare of speechless animals, fight for social injustice. This all activities could spread a positive message to the community. It’s a boon of time in my life that I, being a LEO under Lions club international; am somehow able to contribute towards the needs of society. The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. We do not need to worship in the temple to make god happy if we succeed to make one innocent soul happy. Here, I would like to present the lively example of Humanity into action. United Nations (UN) is the largest intergovernmental organization, established after the second world war, working consistently to maintain peace and harmony among nations. Similarly, Amnesty International is a global movement working to secure human rights for those who are the victim of injustice. Lions Club International is serving the world by giving hope and impacting the lives of needy ones from its very beginning. Leo clubs are the youth projects of Lions international promoting leadership, experience and opportunity among youths via social services in the fields of health, education, environment and self-development, etc. Similarly, in the present context of, the pandemicity of COVID-19; devastating infectious disease by Corona Virus the humanitarian efforts and commitment shown by people, government and non-governmental sector in national and international level is praiseworthy. These affairs do signify humanitarian spirit lies obviously at the core of every humankind in this globe. Our constitution has also provided a special space for humanity, as a fundamental right; which guarantees social justice, religious freedom, equality to every citizen. Stand and do something that would add purpose to one’s life appealing the sense of humanity.

In a nutshell, being a human, it is our sole duty to promote and assure humanity in this perpetual universe. Let us see humanity as a garland that binds the 8 billion people in the world as one society. Let us come together to spread humanity and make humanity a way to express our love and goodness to all living creatures. After all, it is our humane deeds that would signify our purpose of living in this world. The good heart always serves for humanity and let humanity guide us. Don’t humiliate, it’s a time to celebrate humanity. Proudly say YES to being human!

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