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Spreading Humanity by Sanam Rajbhandari

Humanity is compassionate, sympathetic, generous behavior or disposition, simply to say the quality of being humane. It is all about living with emotions and intelligence. Humanity, as the word arises the feeling of kindness and love tends to emerge automatically. This feeling of love and compassion for other people, may they be some relatives, some people distant from our life or even some kind of plants and animals. And casting this quality out into the world is spreading humanity.
According to the holy bible, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Every individual should love others as they love themselves to grab the satisfaction within. Showing kindness, conveying a spark of intellectual emotion to the needy, helping as much as one can. A touch of kindness to the deprived, a little bit of your happiness to the dejected is all it takes. A case in point, In the COVID-19 pandemic situation, you can be a sparkle of kindness by excusing a month’s rent less stay to the one in need. Police and different volunteers have been struggling into their different shifts these days, supporting them; if possible feeding them with at least water is all it takes to array humanity. Stray dogs, cats, and other possible animals must also be on arduous circumstances, having a sense of kindness over them simply by feeding a tiny portion of food and water is how one shakeout humanity.

Furthermore, one might question why to act, why to show this so-called humanity with nothing to gain for them. While simply to put it because you can. We humans have that power, that intellectual power to do so. Roughly around 5000 years ago humans were also a simple creature but as time passes by we have gained that intelligence, emotion, kindness and most of all that superiority. Spreading this intelligence filled with emotion and kindness is how we can define one of many purposes of evolution. Spreading this humanity in you might or might not have any physical benefits, but it sure does glow up one’s spiritual happiness. To illustrate, a person maintaining his routine jogging around 6 am sees an injured unconscious person. Now he/she can either leave him there to be or he/she can help that person. Either way, he/she has nothing to gain but helping and showing humanity at that moment will lighten up his spirit for the rest of his life. So, for sake of the evolution of humanity and the spiritual flicker one can choose to unfurl humanity.

On the contrary, humans also do have a point judgment and procedure to act on it. Processing humanity also somehow is affected by it. To simplify, you see a tiger hunting a deer in a forest, judging from the scenario most of us will feel sorry for the poor deer and will try to stop the hunt invaded by our sense of humanity. But what about the tiger and its hunger. Is it valid to mess with the eco-system of nature and act against it? Similarly, you see a family of three kids, a husband and a wife, starvation and poverty are its prime ingredient. Now out of humanity people will provide them food, shelter, and garments. Sure, it seems reasonable to help one in need and poor but is it rational for their future? They will use the currently provided material to live in the moment but is it enough for them to survive their whole lifespan? Or are we just making them aware that they don’t need to struggle in work while they just need to put on their sorrowful faces out to the world to get what they need? That’s why kindness with intellectual emotion is necessary to spread out humanity.

All in all spreading humanity should be a process showing kindness, love, the quality of being human but with intellectual asset combined with emotion and experiences. For the superiority we have gained so far, humanity is one of the sole reasons keeping us separated from the devilish side. Spread humanity as much as possible.

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