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Spreading Humanity by Saru Paudel

Humanity can be defined as the attribute or quality of being of human; the specific nature in which human beings are separated from other species like birds, mammals, reptiles, aquatic beings and so on. Humanity is the abstract quality that makes a living being human. Human beings are kind, compassionate, respectful that distinguish them from other beings of the planet. The definition of humanity cannot be constant or specific as in the history of human beings, several cruel acts have also been performed along with the humanly kind acts. But the definition of ‘Spreading Humanity’ can be specific as it can be simply defined as distribution of humanity in a positive, kind and disciplined way.

Kindness is the best form of humanity making it unique than other beings. As we have been learning since childhood to ‘be kind’ to others, it is the most essential aspect of our life that builds anyone’s character, personality, highness, and impression in a broader interest of own personal life. Showing compassion and benevolence is humanity which symbolizes human love towards each other. Several acts have been performed by great human beings in the history of mankind that show humanity. To name such people, some of them are Gautam Buddha, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi.

Gautam Buddha taught world the eight fold paths of life including rightful thoughts, right understanding, right efforts, right action giving brighter light to the meaning of humanity by giving answers to what right and wrong is, what good and bad is, what boon and curse is. Mother Teresa dedicated her life to the service of mankind specially poor and disabled people by setting up hospitals, ensuring medical facilities to the poor. Similarly, Nelson Mandela eradicated racism between white and black people then. Mahatma Gandhi rescued the India from the tyranny of a foreign country. These people selflessly gave up their life to serve and help the people in need of food, medicine, freedom. They taught the world and the future generation what it takes to be a human. Talking about the current situation of the world, the outbreak of the deadly corona virus has led to the death of thousands of people which has automatically given rise to the humanity of people; people including movie celebrities, politicians, businessman and even common people are donating a lot of money, food, masks and other necessities to those affected by the corona outbreak thus showing their humanity. This proves that humanity is far more contagious than any deadly virus or war.

But as the world is going ahead, the true meaning of humanity has been corrupted. Not to mention, the outbreak of ongoing spreading corona virus has been discovered as a result of inhuman behavior towards the animals. The rape cases never stop to be increasing. Innocent people are getting murdered relentlessly. Justice is nowhere to be seen. Cruelty can be seen growing in the people. Animals are showing more humanity than human themselves. People nowadays are running after money, fame and power leaving humanity behind.

In this age of technology and science, we are in desperate need to spread humanity and make everyone realize the essentiality of it. The increasing pollution, extinction of species regularly, global warming can only be minimized if people understand the meaning of humanity and prefer sustainable development rather than just being in a rat race towards money, fame and power. This represents the necessity of spreading humanity.

Humanity is not something that you store in a piggy bank and later use it for future, it is something like knowledge or thoughts; the more you give the more it gets spread. Humanity cannot be spread just by writing essays on ‘Humanity’, conducting essay competitions or giving lectures. Humanity appears when you show your kindness, when you help those in need of help selflessly without any expectation in a natural way at the time of emergencies. Humanity is when you take your ill grandmother to the hospital instead of going on dates, when you stop someone if you find them disrespecting girls or women in a public area, when you give half of your food to a hungry person beside you, when you give justice if you are a judge or a police, when you refuse to take money from your tenant during emergencies like current corona virus outbreak if you are a house owner. Humanity does not only mean providing millions, dozens or more, it means how much you can provide according to your financial status. There is humanity in little and small things as well. Humanity is also loving the people you care and caring the people you love. Spreading humanity is spreading love, positivity, care, respect, kindness, help. There is a story in which a king shows his humanity by sacrificing his own body flesh to save a pigeon from an eagle and then later finds out the eagle and the pigeon being angels from heaven and gets precious rewards and heaven after death due to his humanly deeds. So, it is the positive thought and action of people that makes them human being which means if you have a nice thought and perform right positive action then you are showing humanity.

Finally, from the aforementioned facts and my logics, I would like to conclude my essay leaving a statement that humanity is like flowers. Flowers when distributed, it leave its fragrance. Likewise, humanity leaves love, care, kindness, compassion, respect, positivity when spread. Thus, when humanity appears, humanity spreads.

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