Spreading Humanity - Dipesh Mehta

“Spreading Humanity”
Humanity means helping others sometimes after they need that help the foremost. And most
vital, Humanity means forgetting our selfish interests sometimes when others need our help.
Humanity means extending unconditional like to each and each living being on Earth.

Humanities as an entire teach us plenty about people and their lives. People lives are revolving
around humanities. And humanity is that very quality which makes it different from other living
beings. The humanities are the source how people are becoming along. Humanities connects
people and place. The humanities make us to think creatively and also teach us to question
about relationship about ourselves and our world.

Although everyone defines the humanity in their own way, so did I but humanity is itself inner
voice which isn’t specific but connected to almost everything that exists within the world.
within the history of individuals existence, many cruel activities are done by people and within
the same way few people have spreaded humanity for mass of individuals that has made huge
impact on people’s life. One of the foremost outstanding samples of extra- ordinary humanity
during a creature has been portrayed beautifully by missioner. during this fast running world,
the title of humanity has corrupted in such a rate which seems that humanity is within the
verge of extinct.

But in today’s time, ‘Humanity’ may be a hardened concept, but a brittle one. History suggests
that the more we define ‘the human’ as a subject of mind, mastery and progress – the more
‘we’ put into effect global unity under the umbrella of a supposedly universal relationship – the
less possible it becomes to imagine the other mode of existence as human. The apocalypse is
usually portrayed as humanity reduced to mere life, delicate, exposed to any or all sorts of
exploitation and therefore the arbitrary exercise of power. But these devastating and
irreversible future scenarios are nothing worse than the conditions within which most humans
live as their day-to-day reality. By ‘end of the world’, we usually mean the tip of our world.
What we don’t tend to ask is who gets included within the ‘we’, what it cost to realize our
world, and whether we were entitled to such a world within the first place. As soon as we
understand the importance of humanity in day to day life, the aim that we are on Earth is
automatically fulfilled.

So, during this age of technology and self-being, we all must comprehend “Spreading
Humanity” and make everyone realize its importance for the longer term of this beautiful
sphere. instead of just pacifying ourselves to the race of hell, it’s better that we and our future
generation believe and understand meaning of “Humanity”, then only we are able to control
the global climate change, poverty, heating, pollution, extinction of species and plenty of more
devastating topics.

Hopes are there. we are going to come up to pure level sooner or later of Humanity.

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