Spreading Humanity - Nilima Shrestha

A dark night was accompanied by heavy rainfall and lonely streets. Everyone who had their shelter
to hide themselves in, let it be humans or other creatures, were safe and warm. An old man was
on the footpath under the tent of plastics, with piles of umbrellas in front of him, a pair of umbrellas
were bought by the person who was dry under an umbrella and warm under the thick clothes.
The old man immediately went to a hotel to have his only meal of the day. A dog with her puppies
was all wet, she was given food and a warm place to hide herself and her beloved puppies. An
old woman with just a thin piece of cloth was shivering in the corner of the street, she was called
inside the house and given shelter to rest in. A young man with a briefcase in his hand was waiting
for the bus in the empty street, he was dropped to his house by a stranger who had a vehicle.
When he reached home, his aged mother finally went to sleep with a peaceful heart. A person fell
upon the wet and muddy street as he was struck by the large stone in the middle of street, he
rose up and moved the stone to the farther corner of the street, dozens of people passed through
the same street without being struck by the stone. Like the droplets of rain spread in the soil of
the land, that night humanity spread throughout the souls.

From what we have to how we can, acting assiduously with love in such a way that helps the
receiver feel ease, uplifted and supported in the ongoing thorny situation represents humanity.
The most superficial creature of the world is human, and we are provided with the tag because of
humanity; the finest character we all hold. Humans wouldn’t uphold the top level in the hierarchy
of the creatures if humans weren’t provided with humanity. Amongst million of creatures with
whom we share our world, we are provided with humanity along with duty and responsibility to
spread our humanitarian actions to each and everyone who surrounds us. Humanity is our
greatest power as a human and spreading humanity is the best possible way to make the world
a happier and easier place to live in. Like the way we want love and happiness, every other living
being in this world wants and we have the beauty of humanity to make it happen. Humans are
bound to perform humanitarian actions because we are placed in this world as the most holistically
powerful living being for making the world a better home for everyone.

Humanity is the rhapsodies of our responsibility as the finest living being to help every other
individual have a better experience living in this world. Humanity, the word itself suggests its
meaning. Humanity is the act to prove our identity as a human. Humanity is the way to foster
proper judgement to the power we are naturally provided with, to run this world, to rule this world.
Humanity is our pride, our power, our light and reminder of our duty. We are provided with the tag
of social animal. We humans are social animals because we always tend to be surrounded with
other creatures, some of them are of our same kind and some of them are different from us but
with many similarities. Sequel of thoughts, efforts and activities that we bring into action to make
life easier for anyone who surrounds us is humanity. Humans are aided with higher levels of
feelings, emotions, intelligence, power and other natural blessings, when all of our boons
converge together for the betterment of a second individual, humanity shines. Humanity is simply
the way of spreading love and kindness that we all wish to receive from others. Don’t we want
other people to be kind to us? Don’t we strive for help in need? Isn’t being loved a part of our
sweet wishes? The same is with other individuals too, treating people and other living beings with
the behaviour we urge to receive from others in particular situations is basically the act of

Billions of years ago, as proven by science, living beings started to evolve in just a particular place
of the world. Lives began to develop in many forms, initiating with microscopic protozoan and
reaching upto the drastically wise humans with functionally complex body systems. Living beings
didn’t limit themselves in one particular form in one particular place, rather they spread throughout
hills, deserts, mountains and oceans. Humans colonized every part of the world. Hadn’t the
humans explored the world and spread all around, we would be unknown about all the beauties
held by the world. The only reason behind the existence of such a beautiful world with bewildering
and staggering elements is expansion and spreading of humans along with their intelligence,
power and superficiality. Spreading positivity always leads to better outcomes. If spreading
intelligence and power has built the present world, spreading humanity adds cherry on the top to
this astonishing world and its wonderment. Spreading humanity amplifies the meaning to
existence of the world,spreading humanity spreads the beauty of love and kindness. We always
strive for love, kindness, help, support and happiness.. We can mutually help each other get the
kindness and help we always look forward to as we humans have the quality of humanity.
Like spreading seeds on the land leads to the growth of productive, useful and beautiful plants
and trees, spreading humanity in our surrounding brings out happiness, hope and beautiful
experience. Spreading our power and boon of humanity is the best way to make an impact on
lives that have been placed on earth. World is supposed to be a happy place, a peaceful and
beautiful place for everyone. We, humans can make this world a worthy place by our act of
kindness, love and help. Spreading humanity doesn’t require huge materialistic objects or large
amounts of money, humanity requires the will to spread love and happiness amongst all possible
individuals. Every birth in this world is surely followed by death. Everyone who is born dies
someday. We are placed for a short period of time on this earth and the only way to mark our
existence in this huge world is by spreading humanity. The love, kindness, empathy, support and
happiness that we spread is the eternal receiving for the receiver. A simple act of humanity can
change lives and change the way this world lives. Providing with the help and support to everyone
who needs in our surroundings can help everyone have a better experience and better life.
Spreading love and happiness is the only and best way through which everyone can feel loved
and happy.

We always tend to love our closed ones, we love, support and help the people who are close to
our hearts. But humanity is spreading love and kindness to the humans we don’t know and other
creatures we don’t conversate with. Act of kindness and love shown to a stranger and animals is
the real humanity. We don’t know everyone around us but everyone around us hope for love and
kindness, and the good part is, we all humans can provide what they wish for because we are
naturally gifted with the power of humanity. From the very beginning of the world and upto the
present, world has always faced crisis in timely intervals. Despite all the beauties and positivity
this world holds, there is evergoing crisis and problems. The greatest help we can help each other
with is humanity. We can’t immediately avoid or end the crisis but we can always make it easier
by spreading love and kindness. When there are hard times, our small act of humanity plants the
saplings of hope and happiness. Love and kindness is never ending and experience gained
through them is eternal too. We mightn’t always be able to provide materialistic objects to the
needy, but we can provide empathy, love and kindness which is far more greater and impactful
to change lives. Spreading humanity is the most significant activity because beautifying the
surrounding with love helps everyone to have a better time including us. World is getting selfish
these days, the world cares for their closed and known ones only, forgetting the fact that this world
is for all and everyone has the right to have a positive experience living in this world. Being the
world’s most significant living being, we have both power and responsibility to spread love and
kindness. Selfishness is for a limited time period of time only as we, ourselves are just for a limited
period of time. But, this world is eternal and so is humanity. The humanity we plant spreads
everywhere for forever.

Each one of us has something to offer to our surroundings and each of us have the right to
happiness, love, empathy and support. Humans are the base of this world and humanity is our
strongest pillar as a human. Together we can build the better home for everyone pillared by the
beauty of humanity.

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