Spreading Humanity - Priya Neupane

Humanity is the human race which includes everyone on the earth. In simple
understanding, spreading humanity refers to the kind feelings human often have for
each other.

Spreading humanity seems to be a simple term but it is a very difficult task to
practice. An individual can have the power in spreading humanity not just the mass
of people, institutions, trusts or organizations. There are various ways of spreading
humanity as it is a wide act and does not have a perfect example or definition for

In present context, the humanity has been found to be degrading instead of
upgrading. Own children are murdering their parents, landlords are torturing
mentally, rape cases and acid attacks are increasing, domestic violence are still
occurring but in a silent way, favoritism and partiality are dominating over the talents
and intelligence, every home has started having a depressed patient. To overcome
all this kind of problems, new ideas are been generating, different charity homes
have been formed, child homes, old age homes are being established, the street dogs
are been taken to the hospitals, poor patients are treated in the hospitals for free. But,
still various complaints and controversies are arise in the context of loss of humanity.
Let’s take an example of the present scenario of the disease outbreak corona virus
(COVID 19) that has taken a pandemic all over the world. Some group of people are
not concerned about the global health and they are not willing to isolate themselves
and make the world free from virus transmission, while the other group of people
were concerned and the took all the precautions required and that is a perfect
example of “humanity”.

In conclusion, there are various areas/fields where the humanity is progressing. In
contrast, there are various areas where the humanity is declining day by day.
However, it is believed that the life of a person is supposed to be completed if they
have done humane work and great deeds in their life. Lastly, I would like to say that
humanity is not spread by any kind of force or biggest efforts. Humanity born in
individual through small efforts and gets spread from one to another leaving a great
impact on society, community and the world.

Submitted by:
Priya Neupane

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