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Written by Sankar Dev

Tenestein Minded 20th Century . He is known in the world. ZHe was in the serch he rich till space and Gurubahasharn Siddhana approreled.Tenestiein was born in urmila in Germina 14 in March, 1879. In Swearne land he had got his knodwladge. Grrig Politnic Acadime he was leve for years. In 1900 B.s. He passed B.A. He was known as swidland people. In 1905 only from gurij University Pi. Achi.Di. He got chegree .

In this year he wrot about space was very famous Swarata ZNatjavayachsvak Chrbitshakhvatha. In this way his name was famous in Urop by telling scitienl. Tenestein in first Sweadent, and GermaniUniversity in B.S. 1912 Gruij’s Politicilal. He was work as head . In B.S. 1915 in Bilin located in parsian adimi in science appointed.

When he was in Roial Socitity .To fight he was good Tenestein principal was formed. After this In B.S. 1921 fill. In urope he was tour and used his mind . He was finded. For 3 years he went for tour of the world and he formed his Name .In B.S. 1921 Tenestein Bhaitick zone. He is doing the good work so he won the Nobel Prize. In 1933 Tenestein his country Gendrnini’s Green card. He live in UMERICA. In 18th April in 1955 He was died in pritincic Hospital.

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