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The Unheard Scream

Written by Bikranta Bikram Kharel

Many times I cried, I shed lot of tears,
I went through pain was out of mind,
I shouted for help but nobody was behind,
pals didn’t care cuz I own nothing,
she tears my heart into pieces,
which never bears the silence of the queen,
she is my nightmare coming in my dream,
I shout to call her which disappears as an unheard scream.

No bad had I done, as I recall those days
now I am alone with hollow heart that says,
“she tortured me with wounds inhealing,
I pump blood which lacks feeling”,
the stony heart of her never felt sorry,
those months I past with her,
why remains in my memory

Those months of relationship isn’t a joke,
to finish in a few seconds,
what had she thought of that time?
a bad dream or the best date?
my heart is ruined which she hate,
I don’t know if she hears me crying,
tears overflowing my eye brim,
I’m shut now as my voice becomes an unheard scream…

World has lost the word compromise
to get her back thousand times I tried,
I wanted a last talk to be happy,
my heart would rejoice, feelings would arise,
why my scream never reached her,
she had known me well but now cant weight my cries…..

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