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The Value of Time

Written by Surya Prakash Neupane

We come to this world for a few years. We have a limited span of life. We have to use time wisely. Time once has gone never comes back. We cannot hold up the passage of time. If we use time properly, we can achieve a lot of in life. If we waist our time, we can accomplish little. Loss of time leads us to failure and grief.

Some people spend time carelessly. They don’t realize the importance of time. Time is very valuable. We should attach as much importance to time as to wealth. Time should be saved wisely. We should utilize every minute, every hour and every day. To utilize time, we should have a routine to work. If we follow this routine, time is not wasted, waist of time is in itself a great loss. It is a loss of life itself. Our life is nothing but a package of time.

Our daily life should be carefully planned. We should set a said time for different activities. We should set a time for different activities. We should spend major portion of our time in important activities. We should not spend time in idealness. We should do useful activities. Some persons use so much time in gossiping, playing cards, hearing songs and music, seeing film and other unnecessary activities. This is nothing but waist o time. Time should not be wasted in ideal past times.

Life is very valuable. We have to accomplish many things in life. It should not be wasted. Time is life itself. We should learn to use time properly. Waist of time is a great loss. We cannot regain wasted time at any cost. Time once gone is gone forever.

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