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Trick 2 : Way to find the two digits number

Manoj recently got the job of auditing. He has a hobby to play mathematical games with the staffs. He told his colleagues Binod, ‘Write any number of two digits. Binod wrote and again Manoj told to write the digit at one’s place to the left of the number and the digit at the tens place to the right of the number. Binod wrote as Manoj directed. Then, Manoj asked to divide it by 4 and tell the number.

Biono told that the answer was 52.
Then, Madan said you had written 25 ?

Binod had written first = 25
Putting the digit at one’s to the left = 525
Putting the digit at tens place to the right = 5252
Dividing by 101 = 5252/101 = 52

Reversing the digit it becomes 25. Which had been written by Binod.

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