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Tutisi Das

Written by Sankar Dev

Tulisi Das had created Bhakti vetture and he is the lidder of Devotee age. Which makes made deep pathetic felling to all the hindus comountity. Now days Tulisi Das writing Ramchalit Manas ‘ It is in all the hindus mouth. He wrote in Abadhi alngause whose book made easy to read to specker. He was announced as creative ledder of Musime. He is respected as the Simbole of religion and culture. His liture are different then epic point of gulicity. except Ran lalla Nachucu, Bhairafa Sanpana Bagborra Ramiran Janake Mangle, Ramachha, Dhobahali kabata balli, Krishan Gitabali, Binsapatrika etc and Huniman charatrath are importance.

Gosioami Tulishidas was born in India. When he was born he had got all the teets for him his prarent thinke bad . His mother left him NarariDas reare him. When he was small Bed puran with he gat knodwlage. We heat his wife lefyt his family by his hasbant and went tirthan ght. She waship to Ram . Poet Tulish Das had fett that the weel frar and emergenc of human and docitati . His Rancharit human Ram’s repct presented as people. Ram Lakshmart, Sita, India, Hunuman etc are presented in painting . He leads in good way to people. Kasi sambat 1680 srcrarn dhukra saptmi . He died. He is living even today in Indian people.

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