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What is love?

Written by Sushil Narayan Shah

It seems to me a big question, the answer of which may filled the pages of so many piles of book but still the answer of the question will be since last three years. I had asked this question to many great personality, literature, lover but still I couldn’t be able to get my satisfactory answer. It’s something like a thirsty person searching for river in the desert.

Different people have defined love in different way, basically in the way they have served or experienced it. Some of them have said “love is a precious gift of nature.” Somebody says love is like the blooming flower or flowing river which cannot be control by anyone except nature so love cannot be handled by our will, it happens itself.

But in my opinion if you care somebody more than your life then it is called to be love. So if you are caring about some one and you always think about him or her than at that case you really have been fallen in love with her or him. Love is like a burning candle that spread the light and absence of which the whole world will be dark. It’s the process of living we are able to beat heart only due to love so love is consciousness of the self and surrounding. Love is continuous dedication to human service or self sacrifice to kindness, compassion, altruism and social welfare. It is movement for freedom, for achievements of stars. In reality love is such a great power that can never be barred by any lines, boarders or ideologies. Therefore love is superior power. Love is a language which the dumb can speak, the deaf can understand as in movie ‘Barfi’. It’s the feeling from within your heart and it must be ultra-pure. If we love truly to someone than we shouldn’t expect anything in retribution nowadays the way of understanding love has been changed mostly to the youths. Nowadays if any boys or girl loves their opposite partner and then they propose to her or him and if he/she gets negative response then they starts hating each other and it’s not said to be real love. It’s just said to be funny love and if we really love someone then we shouldn’t try to judge them because if we judge them there will be no more time to love them. We should always try to love them. We should always try to love each and every thing in this world. If you love the m the n only you will get love from them and hating others is like burning our own house to get rid of rats and mosquitoes. There is no cosmetic for life like love so live life the fullest sharing some part of your happiness through the best medium that is love. Birth and death are permanent and we will l have nothing to take after our death so live life to share love s. The way of understanding the love has been changed nowadays. Mostly the youths think that only loving to opposite sex is said to be love but it is totally wrong. Love is possible to anything like nature, flowers , brothers , sisters, teachers that is also said to be love.

Love is like the beautiful flowers whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight and love cures the people both the one who gives the owns who receives. Everybody should understand that love is not the vessel to be filled, but a candle to be light. It can also be termed as a perfect union of souls so always remember an honest cause never fails that is true love. Never hurts in the end. And love everyone.

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