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You - a poem by Trishna

A moment without your remembrance
Feels like a day without the sun, dark and incomplete
A dream without your appearance
Feels like a mirror without a reflection, misfortune and freet

They say i have gone crazy,
Out of my mind, insane in my thoughts
They say i have been lost, out of this world, residing in backblocks

But who is gonna make them understand,
its the way I live, my reason to be alive
But who is gonna make them feel
Its my eternal love for you, my only lure to survive

Yes, i feel your breath around me,
That fragrance of love, delicate and pure
Yes, i feel your presence everywhere,
That charisma, within me…yet too far

Gone i know, and never to come back
Still sense your stare, from wherever you are
Lonely i know, and wanting me to be there
Still recall your words,” live with your smile dear”

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