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IT Policy of Nepal and NRB

IT Policy of Nepal (2057/2067)

  • To make information technology accessible to the general public and increase employment through this means.
  • To build a knowledge based society.
  • To establish knowledge based industries.

IT Policy

  • To declare information technology sectors a prioritized sector.
  • To follow a single door system for the development of information technology.
  • To prioritize research and development of information technology.
  • To create a conducive environment that will attract investment in the private sector, keeping in view the private sector’s role in the development of information technology.
  • To provide internet facilities to all Village Development committees of the country in phases.
  • To render assistance to educational institutions and encourage native and foreign training as a necessity of fulfilling the requirement of qualified manpower in various fields pertaining to information technology.
  • To computerize the records of each governmental office and build websites for them for the flow of information.
  • To increase the use of computers in the private sector.
  • To develop physical and virtual information technology park in various places with the private sector’s participation for the development of information technology.
  • To use information technology to promote e commerce, e education, e health, among others, and to transfer technology in rural areas.
  • To establish National Information Technology Centre.
  • To establish a national level fund by mobilizing the resources obtained from His Majesty’s Government, donor agencies, and private sectors so as to contribute to research and development of information technology and other activities pertaining to it.
  • To establish venture capital funds with the joint participation of public and private sectors.
  • To include computer education in the curriculum from the school level and broaden its scope.
  • To establish Nepal in the global market through the use of information technology.
  • To draft necessary laws that provides legal sanctions to the use of information technology.
  • To gradually use information technology in all types of governmental activities and provide legal sanctions to its uses in such activities.

IT Policy of Nepal (2072)

  • Human Resource
  • ICT in education, research & development
  • Promoting public access and content development
  • Developing the ICT Industry Sector
  • ICT for Government service innovation and good governance
  • ICT in SMEs & promotion of e- Commerce
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure
  • Convergence of Telecommunications, ICTs and broadcasting
  • ICT in Agriculture
  • ICT in Health
  • ICT in Tourism
  • Telecommunication and ICTs in mitigating the impact of Climate Change
  • ICT in Environment and natural resources
  • Telecommunications/ICTs for natural disaster preparedness, mitigation and relief
  • Human Exposure to electromagnetic fields and safe disposal of electronic waste
  • Conformance, Interoperability and Standards
  • in Telecommunications/ICTs
  • Cloud Computing
  • Access to Telecommunications/ICTs for rural and remote areas
  • Access to Telecommunications/ICTs services for persons with disabilities and specific needs
  • ICTs for Youth, women and girls
  • Building Confidence and Security in the use of ICTs

NRB IT Policies (2068)

  • Ensure efficient, effective and economic IT operation by implementing appropriate IT System
  • Maintain well structured, secured physical layout of its IT infrastructure with proper documentation
  • Maintain multilevel security for Information
  • Implement IT system audit
  • Develop, implement and maintain data backup and recovery policy
  • Establish and maintain efficient, effective and economic Disaster Recovery (DR) System as an instrument to “Fail Safe System” with minimum down time. Also, develop and maintain Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
  • Develop and implement IT Outsourcing and Third Party involvement mechanism
  • Maintain uniform and legitimate IT infrastructure in all its offices
  • Provide IT directives to licensed Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Set a standard for IT procurement and shall be reviewed based on technological development
  • Promulgate “NRB IT Code of Conduct” for proper usage of NRB IT resources
  • Strengthen IT capacity building of employee

NRB Guidelines (2012)

  • IT Governance
  • Information Security
  • Information Security Education
  • Information Disclosure and Grievance Handling
  • Outsourcing Management
  • IT Operations
  • Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  • Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IS Audit
  • Fraud Management

Electronic Transaction Act (2063/2064)
Procedures of Electronic Record and Generation and Security of Digital Signature

  • To Certify Electronic Record
  • Verification of Digital Signature
  • Secured Electronic Signature and Record
  • Quality Standard Concerning Information Technology to be maintained by the Certifying Authority
  • Receipt of Acknowledgement of Electronic Record
  • Time of Receipt of the Electronic Record

Some Questions

  1. What are the major focuses of IT Policy of Nepal Government?

  2. List and explain the IT Guidelines of Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB).

  3. What are the major focuses of IT Policy of NRB ?

Questions & Answers
Explain the development of IT policy in Nepal and highlight the current status of IT in Nepal.

Current Status:

  • Banking and Tele Communication Industry are moving towards to
  • Automation
  • The Government including Ministries are prioritizing usage of IT and ICT
  • to their daily work
  • Government has introduced e Governance system to the public like as:
  • Smart License System, National Identity Card, Digitization of Land and mapping system, etc.
  • The concept of SMART City is emerging
  • Universities are prioritized their teaching and learning methodologies
  • through IT and ICT
  • In other service sector like as Hospital, Home Ministry, Health Ministry prioritizing to use the IT and ICT.
  • Software companies are emerged and developed
  • So on……

What are the significant amendments made in the IT policy 2072 from IT policy 2067.

significant amendment

Explain the major provisions of IT policy in Nepal and suggest some improvement to be done in such policies

i) Deployment
ii) Implementation
iii) Evaluation time to time

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