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Components of direction

Aspects of direction
Direction is an integration of motivation, leadership, communication and coordination. It is an important function of management which is related to issue orders to staff.

1. Motivation: it is the process of inspiring and encouraging the people to do work. It is a skill of using the capability of manpower for the organization. It is a mental and physical presence of employee to do work. Effective motivation helps to raise the effective direction. Therefore, motivation is important aspect of direction.

2. Leadership: it is another important aspect of direction. It is defined as the process of influencing people to perform work effectively. In other words, it influences the behavior of employees or subordinate. According to time, situation and behavior of followers, a leader must conduct his followers. Therefore, it is an important aspect of direction.

3. Communication: communication means transferring information from one person to another. In other words when the information is transmitted from one person to another and information receiver easily take the information, it is known as communication. It includes sending message and receiving message. After sending message receiver receives the message and understands it. Therefore, message receiver responds and reacts about the message. In an organization manager must develop an effective communication system so that s/he may give instruction and guidance to the subordinates and motivate them to do the work to the best of their ability.

4. Coordination: it is also an important aspect of direction. When the coordination activity is not conducted effectively. Direction is not effective. Coordination is the process of linking activity of resources and various departments so that desired goal can be achieved easily. It is inter-related with all managerial function.

5. Supervision: it is another important aspect of direction. Direction is not only to issue order but also supervising job of subordinates. It is an important function of every manager. So the manager’s duty is to look after their work and examine that whether they have done according to the order issued or not and also help in solving their work problems.

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