Factors affecting Supervision

Factors governing effective supervision

1. Leadership skill: supervision is the function of leading, coordinating and directing the work of others to accomplish the objectives. Therefore, without leadership skill supervision may not be effective. So s/he should possess leadership qualities in order to achieve the goals. Means s/he should be able to guide, coordinate, control and supervise the subordinates effectively.

2. Operating skill: the supervisor must have the operating or technical skill that makes the supervision more effective, s/he should know and understand about the working procedure of the organization. When supervisor is unknown about working procedure of the organization the supervisors cannot supervise effectively

3. Managerial knowledge: supervisors must have the knowledge and skill of management that helps to make the policies, planning, rules, regulations and other objectives. It is necessary to use the power and to handle all the problems of subordinates.

4. Communication skill: another important factor that ensures effective supervision is communication skill. In the absence of communication skill no effective supervision is possible in the organization. The supervisor must the capability of communication. When s/he is not able to convey the information or do not understand the information supervising cannot be effective

5. Human relation skill: different individuals may have different emotions, statements and attitudes. As a supervisor s/he has to realize human emotion and sentiments. According to the perception and experience of employees they conduct their behavior. Thus, supervisor must treat the subordinates as human being and must develop good human relations.

6. Motivating power: the supervisors must have the skill of motivation. s/he must be able to motivate the subordinates and subordinates effort are effectively used for the organization

7. Proper working conditions: proper working condition is necessary for effective supervision. When there is lacking of proper working condition the direction of supervisor does not play effective role

8. Clear instructions: supervisor must give clear instructions top the employees. It is the duty of the supervisor to provide clear instruction for the effective supervision.

9. Thinking of participation: the supervisor makes the decision in his/her level. In the process of decision making supervisor must ensure participation of the subordinates. Employees’ vision must be accepted. There should be two way communications.

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