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Importance of direction

1. Integrative force: direction integrates the activities of employees. It is mainly concentrated about what, when, where and who to do the work. Without integration none of the activities can be fulfilled. Effective operation can be achieved only when the efforts of all employees are integrated.

2. Initiate the action: in direction, a manager motivates the subordinates to perform the activities. When an employee receives the direction, his or her initiative will be started to do work.

3. Improves efficiency: direction consists of motivation, leadership and communication. When all these managerial tools are implemented the potentiality of employees is fully utilized from which they perform high performance.

4. Facilitates change: change always comes in an organization. Healthy change is important. Some people do not want the condition of change. But change is inevitable. Direction is an important function of management that gives the orders and motivates the personnel for change.

5. Helps in stability and growth: direction is an integrated activity of motivation, leadership and communication. These activities help in stability of the organization. When these activities are used, the capabilities are utilized which helps in flexibility and growth of the organization.

6. Helps to achieve the organizational goals: the manager gives the direction to do work and it gives knowledge, information and goals of the organization. When all people know about the goals it helps on achieving the organizational goals effectively.

7. Means of motivation: when direction is effective and meaningful, the employees are properly motivated. Direction works for motivating people to contribute maximum efforts. It brings positive feeling towards the organization.

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