Nepal Chamber of Commerce : Formation and Functions

It was established in 1952 (2009 B.S). It was first chamber of commerce of Nepal. It is located in Kathmandu. It plays important role in formulation of commercial and industrial policies of Nepal government. It gives advice to Nepal government time to time. Nepal chamber of commerce involve in social welfare organization. It has good relationship with international organization i.e. WTO, UN. It conducts seminar and training related to business and economy collaboration.


Any individual firm, Company Corporation engaged in trade, industry and commerce can receive membership of Nepal chamber of commerce. It has introduced 4 types of membership.

  1. Life member
  2. Ordinary member
  3. Affiliated member
  4. Honorary member

All the activities of NCC are planned, programmed and implemented by executive committee includes 36 members. The executive committee is formed by

  1. Elected by general assembly → 29 members
  2. Immediate post president →1 member
  3. Nominated from among affiliated → 4 members
  4. Nominated from general member → 1 member
  5. Nominated by NCC president → 1member President, 1st and 2nd vice president, secretary, general treasurer, 2 secretary and joint treasurers are elected from among elected members of executive committee are the members.


  1. Help in economic development of the country.
  2. Promote and protect the trade, commerce and industries
  3. Maintain good relationship with trading community and industrialist
  4. Develop link with commercial and industrial communities around the world.
  5. Cooperation among all trading, commercial and industrial communities for betterment of economy
  6. Conduct and organize industrial and trade markets and fare
  7. Issue the certificate of origin for Nepalese product
  8. Establish academic institution regarding trade, commerce and industries
  9. Finance technical management
  10. Conduct seminar, training, workshop and research programs

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