Office machine : meaning and importance

Office machine
The rapid increase in the industrial activities has increased office work to the highest level. The machines were invented to reduce monotony and increase the efficiency of works done. They help to save time and labor. In modern offices, business completely depends upon the office machine and equipment. It increases the level of operation, improves the performances, safeguards the files, and increases the accuracy. Purchase, repair and maintenance of office machines require big investment. It is the duty of office manager to select the right type of machine. If they don’t select it properly then the office work won’t be efficient and effective.

Importance of office machine

1. To save labor: properly designed office machine saves labor. It helps in saving labor cost. Machines work faster than men. Total wage bill can be reduced.

2. To save time: machines work faster than men. The office machine helps to save time. The speed of official work is increased with the help of machine. It helps in completion of work in a faster way. It increases efficiency and effectiveness of work.

3. To provide accuracy: office machines works accurately. It increases in accuracy in all types of works. It reduces the error, fatigue and helps in supervision

4. To reduce chance of fraud: there may be barrier inside the organization. Machines help to check for the accuracy and correct method of works done t also keeps systematic records of all employees. Thus, it helps in reducing the fraud

5. To retrieve monotony of work: some jobs are routine in nature. They are repetitive in nature. Repetitive works are monotonous. Office machine s help in retrieving the monotony of the employees

6. To improve quality of work: office machines help to maintain the neatness, accuracy and quality of work done.

7. To increase goodwill: when there is saving of labor and time and increment of accuracy of works done, then there are fewer chances of errors and fraud which improves the quality of work done and helps in satisfaction of customer and the employees. This helps in increasing the goodwill of the office

8. To lower operating cost: office machines reduce the operational cost. It helps to reduce the wage bill. It also helps in reducing the excessive filing cost.

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