Partnership deed : meaning and contents

Partnership deed
The written agreement duly signed by the partners is known as partnership deed. It is also known as agreement or article of partnership. It is the document, which mentions the rules and regulations, way of operation of management and way of control of activities of the firm. It is also required at the time of registration. It helps to minimize conflict and misunderstanding among the partners.

Content of partnership deed

  1. Name and address of the firm
  2. Name and address o the partners
  3. Nature of rim’s business
  4. Duration of partnership
  5. Amount of capital invested by the partners.
  6. Interest on capital
  7. Division of profit
  8. Salary and commission
  9. Right and duties of partner
  10. Admission and removal of partnership
  11. Valuation of capital and goodwill at the time of admission, death and retirement of partners
  12. Accounts and audits
  13. Dissolution of partnership.

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