Selection of Office Location

  • Nearness to customer: The office should be accessible to customers. They do not like long distances to make business inquiries. The office should be accessible to other parties who are in regular contact.
  • Nearness to related business: It is desirable to locate the office near the offices of related business. It should be established in the same line of trade.
  • Availability of infrastructure: The infrastructure should be available in office location. It consists of transport, communication, power, water and parking facilities.
  • Nature of business: The nature of business affects location of office. Office of manufacturing business in located near the source of raw materials, labor and service facilities. Office of trading and banking business is located in commercial centers near the customers. Office of perishable goods business is located near the market for such goods.
  • Availability of human resources: Needed human resources should be available for office. They can be skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled. All facilities must be available for employees
  • Environment: The office location should have healthy environment. It should not be near polluted rivers or waste disposal sites. It should be free from noise, dust and pollution.
  • Cost of space: Sufficient space should be available at reasonable cost for the office. Space should be available for future expansion.
  • Government laws: The selection of location should comply with government laws and regulation at national and local levels.

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