Trade and Export Promotion Center : Functions

Trade and export promotion center (TEPC)

Trade and export promotion center is a national trade promotion organization of Nepal. It was established in 2006. It is formed by merging three organizations. They are;

  • Trade promotion center
  • Export promotion center
  • Carpet and wool development board

Its main aim is to prevent foreign trade and export trade. It helps increase country’s export capacity. At initial stage it was limited with few countries. Afterwards, trade was extended with India. It helps to identify, promote trade. It helps in developing new market. It also helps in establishment of relationship between exporter and importer. It tries to maintain positive result. It links Nepalese product in international market.


  1. It provides advice to the government of Nepal in formulation of policies for the development and expansion of trade and export
  2. It helps in expansion of export business and increases national economy
  3. It tries to reduce poverty through developing rural economy by enhancing internal and external market for agro based and other products
  4. It conducts programs for increasing the products of exportable products
  5. It assists to diversify trade by identifying potential market for exportable products
  6. It cooperates in operating institutions for export promotion and diversified trade and extend support to such institutions
  7. It pleads for technical assistance with national and international organizations for improving quality and standard of exportable products
  8. It organizes buyer and seller meet and conduct training seminar and workshop
  9. It assists in market test of exportable products
  10. It studies and identifies the problems of foreign trade and advises the government of Nepal with appropriate measures to solve those problems

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