Types of Planning

Types of planning

Corporate or strategic plan   Tactical or division plan   Operational or unit plan  
This plan is prepared by the top level management by considering the long term objectives of the organization and strategies to achieve the defined objectives., the strategic plan may concern with product or service, market competition, social responsibility , introduction of technology, goodwill etc. it is based on analysis of future opportunities and threats. Tactical plan is prepared by the middle level management by considering short term objectives of the organization. It is the sub division of corporate plan. It is prepared to allocate divisional activities like production, finance, marketing, personnel and others. These plays a mediator between corporate or operational rule This plan is prepared by the lower level management by considering day to day function of the organization. It is consistent with tactical plan. It prepares schedule of each unit of work. It is concentrated in the best use of organizational resources consisting of manpower materials, money, methods and machine.

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