Chemistry 11 Notes for Chemistry Notes

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Alkaline Earth Metals

  1. Name the alkaline earth metals and write their symbols also.

  2. Give the formulae of Bleaching powder and blue vitriol.

  3. Write the chemical formula and one of the uses of Epsom salt, plaster of paris and quick lime.

  4. How is quick lime prepared from marble? Give pertinent equation.

  5. How is plaster of paris prepared?

  6. Explain with suitable chemical reactions:

a) Quick lime produces hissihg sound when added into cold water.

  1. What is meant by slaking of lime? How is lime waterprepared from slaked lime?

  2. Why is plaster of paris suitable for immobilising of broken limbs?

  3. Starting from quick lime, how would you prepare lime water? What is meant by milk of lime?

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