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Alkyl Halides

Organic compound containing halogen atom as a functional group are called alkyl halides. Alkyl halides are very reactive organic compounds.
The general formula of alkyl halide is CnH2n+1– X, where X= Cl, Br, I.
Example: CH3-Cl (Methyl Chloride),CH3-Br (Methyl bromide) ,C2H5-Br (Ethyl Bromide) ,C3H7-Br (Propyl bromide) etc.

Classification of alkyl halides
Alkyl halides are classified into three classes:
Primary alkyl halide:
Alkyl halides containing primary C-atom are called primary alkyl halides.
For example:
CH3-CH2-I (Ethyl iodide)

Secondary alkyl halide:
Alkyl halides containing secondary c-atom are called secondary alkyl halides.
For example:

Tertiary alkyl haldie:
Alkyl halides containing tertiary c-atom are called tertiary alkyl halide.
For example:

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