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Dalton’s Atomic Theory and Laws of Stoichiometry

  1. State the Law of Multiple Proportions.

  2. State the law of Constant Proportion.

  3. State the Law of Reciprocal Proportion.

  4. How did the law of multiple proportions encourage Dalton to introduce atomic theory?

  5. H and O react separately to give H2O2 and H2O respectively. What law of stoichiometry is illustrated? State the law.

  6. Phosphorous reacts with oxygen to produce P2O3 and P2O5 respectively. Which Chemical law does the data illustrate? State the Law.

  7. State the Law of conservation of mass. Why is this law known as Law of indestructibility of matter?

  8. 12gm of Carbon react with 32gm of oxygen to produce 44gm of Carbon dioxide. Which Chemical Law do these data illustrate? State the Law.

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