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Nitrogen and Its Compounds

  1. Write the names of any two metals which can liberate Hydrogen gas from Nitric Acid.

  2. What happens when:
    a) Gas obtained by heating slaked lime and ammonium chloride is passed through copper sulphate

b) Dilute nitric acid reacts with magnesium.

c) A mixture of ammonia and oxygen is passed over platinum gauze heated to 800°C.

d) A solution of sodium nitrite and ammonium chloride is heated to boiling.

e) Zinc is added in a hot alkaline solution of potassium nitrate.

f) Mercurous nitrate paper is exposed in ammonia gas.

  1. How does an ammonia molecule differ from ammonium ion?

  2. Write the action of aquaregia on gold.

  3. Name any one pollutant of photochemical smog and state one of its effects.

  4. Explain why ammonia gas cannot be dried by passing through conc. H2SO4 acid.

  5. In ring test of nitrate, what chemical compound is formed.

  6. What happens when the precipitate obtained by the addition of AgNO3 solution on sodium chloride is treated with ammonia solution?

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