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Phosphorous- Old is Gold

  1. Name different amorphous forms of phosphorous.
  2. Write the Lewis structure of orthophosphoric acid and phosphate ions.
  3. What happens when white phosphorus is heated with aqueous caustic soda?
  4. How is white phosphorous converted to red phosphorous and vice versa?
  5. What is the effect of heat on ortho phosphoric acid?
  6. What happens when white phosphorous is exposed to air?
  7. Write chemical action of white phosphorous on conc. Nitric acid.
  8. Write chemical action of white phosphorous on aqueous KOH solution.
  9. Give an important use of each of Red Phosphorous.
  10. Name any two allotropes of phosphorous. Why is phosphorous stored in water?
  11. What happens when: (a) White phosphorous is heated with concentrated solution of Caustic Soda? (b) The gas produced by the action of white phosphorous with sodium hydride is passed through silver nitrate solution?

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