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Sulphur- Old is Gold

  1. How is the moisture present in SO2 gas removed?
  2. Acid rain forms when oxides of sulphur and nitrogen react with water. What are these oxides chemically?
  3. Identify a viscous liquid that react with table sugar (C12H22O11) giving a charred (black) mass. Give the reaction involved.
  4. Give two examples of reactions in which H2SO4 behaves as: (a) Strong acid (b) a dehydrating agent (c) an oxidizing agent
  5. Explain with reason, why: (a) Conc. H2SO4 should always be added to H2O but never H2O to the acid? (b) Sugar is charred in contact with conc. H2SO4?
  6. Write any two differences between the bleaching action of Cl2 and SO2.
  7. What happens when H2S is passed through acidified potassium permanganate solution?
  8. What happens when gas obtained by heating oxalic acid in presence of conc. H2SO4 is passed through heated caustic soda?
  9. Write balanced chemical reactions for the laboratory preparation of: (a) Hydrogen Sulphide (b) Sulphurdioxide
  10. What happens when a moist red flower is introduced into a gas jar containing SO2 gas?
  11. Give a reaction of each to show: (a) SO2 as an oxidizing agent (b) H2S as an analytical agent

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