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Hanami International Educational

Basic info about the consultancy
πŸ“† 2016 A.D
πŸ—ΊοΈ Bharatpur-10, Birendra Campus Gate, Chitwan, Nepal
☎️ +977-56-525528
πŸ“§ [email protected]
🌐 https://hanamiintl.com/
🌎 Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States

About Hanami International Educational

Bringing you one step ahead. With the success in Nepal, we’ve expanded ourselves to Santa Clara, California, USA, for better services and opportunities for you. Probably the first agency that serves you from both the countries-your home country, Nepal and your study destination country, USA! We offer a range of consulting services, all customized to help your study goals reach its potential.

Whether you’re looking for a small sized or completely large universities, partial or full scholarships, we have you covered. Our services are available based on your academic background and test scores so you can get precisely what you need.

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