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Mirai International Educational Consultancy

Basic info about the consultancy
πŸ“† 2013 A.D
πŸ—ΊοΈ Mahendrapool Medicalline , Bastolathar Pokhara , Nepal
☎️ 061-520113, 9856046980
πŸ“§ [email protected], [email protected]
🌐 https://mirai.com.np/
🌎 Japan, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Europe

About Mirai International Educational Consultancy

Mirai International Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. as one of the renowned hereby registered Educational Consultancy which is situated in Mahendrapool, Pokhara It was established in 2013 AD acquainted with the aim of permeating authentic counseling and information about Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, Europe and some others.

Among many educational institutions in Nepal, it has its own identity since its commencement. It has been providing the overall benefit of the student who has the zeal and affordability to have modern higher education at the renowned college and universities across the globe.

Contact detail

Pokhara office
Mahendrapool Medicalline , Bastolathar Pokhara , Nepal
Tel no:
061 520113, 061 527942

Kathmandu office
Bagbazar , Kathmandu , Nepal
Tel no:
01 4262341, 01 4257651

Membership Institutions: ECAN

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