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Neopoint Education Counseling Center

Basic info about the consultancy
πŸ“† 2008 A.D.
πŸ—ΊοΈ Basundhara Chowk, Kathmandu, Nepal
☎️ +977-1-4390409
πŸ“§ [email protected]
🌐 http://www.neopoint.edu.np
🌎 United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Australia, India, Canada, Bangladesh

About Neopoint Education Counseling Center

Neopoint Education Consultancy is an Academic Institute and Consultancy of Nepal. It is located at the prime location of Kathmandu Metropolitan city which is exactly situated at Basundhara Chowk, Kathmandu. One can easily reach here from the public vehicle or private vehicle as it lies on the way of the ring road of Kathmandu.

Vision: Come to us, we welcome; tell us, we serve; trust us, you get to your destiny;

Mission: For you, by you and of your choice we represent education providers.

  • Neopoint Education is a registered organisation with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Nepal Government
  • The Nepal Government has issued a Permanent Account Number (PAN) 302963128 to pay taxes.
  • The organization has been updating its audit and taxes with the Nepal Government.
  • Permission has been issued to the organisation to expand its branches within the countries. Giving notice to the concerned authority, it can also move the location to new area.
  • Permission has been given to conduct different language classes too.

Membership Institution: ECAN

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