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Yokohama Japanese Language Academy

Basic info about the consultancy
πŸ“† 2002 A.D
πŸ—ΊοΈ Putalisadak, Dhobidhara, Kathmandu - 31, Nepal (Near by Kumari Cinema Hall)
☎️ +977-1-443-4856
πŸ“§ [email protected]
🌐 http://www.yojala.edu.np/
🌎 Japan

About Yokohama Japanese Language Academy

We teach Japanese language for any purposes. We provide intensive care for the students by qualified and experienced faculties. Staffs are flexible at Yokohama Japanese Language Academy. Our previous result, qualified & experienced teachers and best infrastructure make Yokohama Japanese Language Academy the Yokohama Japanese Language Academy teaches Japanese for various purposes. High quality and experienced teachers will intensively care for students. Experience, results, experienced teachers, and excellent infrastructure make Yokohama Japanese Academy the best language education in Nepal.

The Yokohama Japanese Language Academy (YOJALA) in Putalisadak, Kathmandu City has a mission to expand the international perspective of Nepalese students, promote international cultural and language exchanges, and develop international human resources. Established in the year.

The Yokohama Japanese Language Academy aims to spread Japanese culture throughout Nepal. Our mission is to provide Japanese language education and visa application to Nepalese students who want to enroll in Japanese schools so that they can fulfill their dreams of life.

Our school is trusted as a preparatory school designated by the Nepalese Japanese Language Teachers Association (JALTAN) and is accredited by the Nepalese government.

We do our best to make the class fun and fulfilling so that students can go on to Japanese educational institutions or achieve other objectives best among the institution of it’s kind in Nepal.

Membership Institutions: ECAN

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