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Informatics Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., located at Ramshahpath-31, Putalisadak, House No 432, Kathmandu, Nepal, is one of the oldest and reputed educational consultancy of Nepal. Initially, it had been established and running in the name of Institute of Information Technology (IIT) since 2000 which was renamed as Informatics Consultancy Pvt. Ltd in 2007. We have been approved by the Ministry of Education (MoE) to work as Legal Student-Recruitment Company in the country. Our main objective is to assist students from across Nepal to pursue their higher studies in different countries all over the world. In this regard, we have been offering services for educational counseling and English language test preparation classes for the last eighteen years. The past years of our productive affiliation with several universities/colleges and our efforts have brought us in an excellent position to proclaim ourselves as one of the leading Educational Consultancies in the country. We have our branch offices in different parts of the world. We have our office in New Delhi, India and New York, USA. Furthermore, Informatics has been able to enroll more than 300 students a year across European, Australian, American, New Zealand, and Canadian universities.

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