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Southern Cross International Education Pvt. Ltd established with certain aims and objectives.Southern Cross International Education with a team of dedicated staff and excellent support services has been meeting the requirements of those students who are aspiring to study abroad in every possible area. Within a period of its establishment, it has set a track record by sending considerable number of Nepalese students abroad. It has indeed contributed a lot in fulfilling the demands of students aspiring to go abroad in various fields. The affiliated colleges is always committed to do better in the future so that we can in one way or the other contribute positively to further development of the nation.As a modality to achieve this, we have tried to use resources that are available in and outside the country. Therefore, the main thrust of the Southern Cross International Education is to make it a consultancy centre of international standard and to achieve this goal we are thriving forward with the following aims and objectives:

To guide the Nepalese students to pursue their education in foreign Colleges and Universities:
One of the basic objectives of Southern Cross International Education is to guide the fellow Nepalese students to pursue their education in foreign Colleges and Universities of academic excellence. Since the educational institutions abroad are not accessible to every student, Southern Cross International Education with its professional and expert individuals is always ready to help the students find the educational institution of their choice abroad.

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