B.Sc. (Hons) Business Administration

This course is targeted towards achieving both practical skills and conceptual understanding required for administration and management functions within a host of organizations. It provides a broad understanding of the role and function of both management and administration under a range of operating conditions and as such builds for you a contextual and conceptual of the organization as it responds to ever changing conditions. All the basic functional areas that are deemed to comprise the business discipline – Marketing, Operations, Information Systems, Finance, HRM, Business Policy and Strategy and Change, Economics, Law and Contemporary Issues – are examined over the duration of the course and in the context of contemporary change.

The course aims to deliver conceptual propositions and skills related to:

  • a range of business models, ideas and managerial techniques
  • a number of management theories relevant to different functions of the business
  • a range of suitable examples and contexts to assist you in operating in different business environments.
  • the opportunity to expand upon theoretical constructs into the application of knowledge and its practical implications for the business as a going concern.