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Staff Nurse

Introduction to Staff Nurse
Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) Nursing Course is a Highly Prestigious, professional and universal acknowledgeable training based technical course equivalent to higher secondary education and its nature is purely preventive, curative, rehabilitative and vocational in governmental and non-governmental basis in both public and private setting. After completion of this course, Nurses must be registered with Nepal Nursing Council (NNC) to work in government and non-government sector.

Regarding the demand of the Nurses, it is the cry of the day all over the world in general and the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and many other developed countries in particular. It is a well -developed branch of education with plenty of opportunities for further studies. Bachelor of Nursing, Master of Nursing & even Ph.D. of Nursing.

Regarding the entrance course and eligibility, it has been teaching fluctuate three months to five months as in entrance preparation for the examinations conducted by TU, Bir Hospital (NAMS), BPKIHS(Dharan), KU, CTEVT and other institution in abroad. To sum up, Nursing is the course which is highly professional training based course approaching towards the common people. Therefore, where is will there is away: If you are willing and dare to face some challenges, you can get great changes in your life.

General Information
Course Title: Bachelor of Staff Nurse
Category: Bachelor
Course Duration: 48 months (4 years)
Academic Progress: Yearly
Estimated Cost: N/A

Qualification Required
The selection of Staff nurse is done through different institutions examination and the qualification required for entrance is 10+2 or equivalent with Science(Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) subjects. The student intending to study this course must score a combined score of 50% or above in PCB.

Scope of Staff Nurse
They can find employment in:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics and Health Departments
  • Orphanages and old age homes
  • Military
  • Schools
  • Industrial houses and factories
  • Railways and public sector medical departments
  • Training Institutes as educators

Course Syllabus
One should study the followings subjects along with several others during their study:

  • Community Medicine
  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Medicine

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