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DATA 210 WK1 Assignment Resources

Attached would be the Excel file that you can make use of to analyze further or to import the details in other DBMS system to extract the answer for the questions as below.

Download File

Examine the JC Consulting data and complete the following case exercises/problems:

  1. Which employee(s) has a salary value of $8,100?
  2. Which client(s) is or are not a government entity?
  3. Which project(s) had an estimated start date prior to 1/1/2020?
  4. List ProjectLineItemID values that are related to ProjectID 3.
  5. List the name of the client related to Project ID 3.
  6. Which task(s) is or are not priced by the project?
  7. For the record with a ProjectLineID value of 7, why does the Quantity field contain 20?
  8. For the record with a ProjectLineID value of 7, why does the Factor field contain 1.3?
  9. What is the cost for an initial meeting with a client, TaskID MEET00?
  10. What is the cost for creating a shopping card, TaskID CODE15?

Apply key module concepts to the JC Consulting case:

  1. JCC needs to be able to contact clients when problems arise concerning an estimate. What other attributes could JCC include in the Clients table to assist in contacting clients?
  2. JCC wants the database to include data on all its employees, not just those who may be involved in projects. What additional entities would the DBA need to include in the database to store this data? What attributes?
  3. What kinds of unstructured data or big data might JCC want to gather in the future?

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