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The boarding house English 12

How do you think Mrs.Mooney settled with Mr Doran about Polly? Did Mr Doran marry Polly or pay out compensation?

The main character of the story, “The Boarding House”, Mrs. Mooney is portrayed as a woman who deals with moral problems as a cleaver deals with meat. She was a butcher’s daughter who married her father’s foreman. She got a divorce from him as his drinking and bullying were just too much for her to handle. Taking charge of her daughter Polly and son Jack, she opened a boarding house in Hardwicke Street. She was a strong, determined woman who was strict but practical as well. She knew how to take care of the matters as she knew when to remain silent, and when to act on certain things.

From the story, we find that the boarding house is actually a kind of a trap. This is where Mrs. Mooney is a hunter looking for a husband among the guests for her daughter Polly. Mrs. Mooney mde use of the innocence of Mr. Doran and made use of her daughter as a bait to catch Mr. Doran - who is the victim of the story.

As Mr. Doran has a good job, he fitted in perfectly as per the economical expectations of Mrs. Mooney. She also uses their society and religion as a tool to cause Mr. Doran in marrying her daughter. She knows that her victim is a religious man, who lives in the religious culture of Dublin that obeys the rules of the church. He is afraid of the church and he is afraid to lose his job in the Catholic wine merchant office. Thus Mr. Doran had no other option than marrying Polly. Mrs. Mooney is like a watchdog that watches that the prey will not run out of the trap, but will run into it.

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