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Why is Kim having recurring dream?

The question is more or less the summary of the story itself which is as posted here:

Here’s the extract from the same:
The story starts with a description of Kimberly Clark, the protagonist of the story, who is twenty-five years old with all qualities of a normal young woman. She is pretty, she loves to dance, and she has many friends and a good position in the office of a large company. Despite these all, she has a problem. She has been troubled by a strange and mysterious dream that haunts her every night.

The strange dream always begins on a country road. Kim stands on this road and sees a lane with a white fence and a hedge on each side. At the end of the lane, on the top of a little hill, she sees a small white cottage with green shutters. Then she walks up the lane to the house, goes in and looks around. In one of the rooms, she finds a man asleep in bed. He is a little old man with white hair and a white beard. When she comes near his bed, the man wakes up. Then he sits up and looks at her. When she tries to speak to him, she wakes up. She is very troubled by the dream because she has never known any little old man like that and neither the place.

Kim’s roommate knows everything. So, one day she asks Kim to visit her (Janet’s) parents’ farmhouse to feel peace in mind. As they pass through a country road, Kim sees the similar scene which she sees in her dream. They stop there. Janet does not want Kim to go and see the small cottage but Kim goes.

The house was exactly the same, except for a sign ‘FOR SALE’ in front of the house. Unlike her dream, Kim goes to the door of the house and knocks and to her surprise, the same old man answers the door who immediately closes the door. After Kim’s request, he opens the door. Kim again asks why the house is for sale. The old man reveals that the house is haunted by a ghost. Kim tries hard to think to say something instead asks who the ghost is. The old man gets surprised and shocks her by replying that she herself is the ghost.

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i thik kim having reccuring dream because of following reason

overthinkg on the same topic
mental stress of work
relation of past

Answer posted by Niranjan_Sharma