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Characteristics of Poor

1. Low income
Nepal is poor country and is enlisted in under developed country. In Nepal, more than 60% are illiterate among poor. Adult illiteracy rate is 57.2%, according to human development report 2010.

2. Education

Education is the process of getting knowledge poor people are not aware about education knowledge. So, they think providing education facilities to daughter is useless and son and does not send their daughter to educational institute which causes high illiteracy rate.

3. Housing condition

Housing condition of poor is extremely poor. Moreover, the condition of urban poor is worse than rural poor. Urban poor do not have their own house. They sustain their life on the basis of daily wage. Similarly, the life of rural poor is difficult. They live on small house.

4. Expenditure

The less income, the more expenditure. The expenditure exceeds income in poor. They spend more than 70% income merely in food and rest in other sector.

5. Large family size

Due to lack of education, poor people are not aware of family planning measures (birth control measures). So, they think begetting children is boon of god.

6. Property

The word poor automatically refer to those who do not have property or who have less property. They do not have sufficient land to earn their livelihood. So, they work on other’s land and earn their livelihood.

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