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Features of agriculture

1. Sustenance farming

Nepal carries out sustenance farming rather than commercial. In the Nepali Market, demand of food is equal to its supply. In last 3-4 decades Nepal use to export wheat to Bangladesh but now its vice versa. The production of agro-products makes just equal to its demand.

2. Monsoon based agriculture

Due to lack of irrigation facilities, almost all the farmers depend upon monsoon rain. Nepal’s government has not made any irrigation plant till today. Only few places are reaching to irrigation facilities. Only 69.48% of land has irrigation facilities where only 50% of land or cultivable lands have year round facilities.

3. Predominance of food crops

Food crops are the type of crops that are basically used as primary source of food. Such as paddy, maize, etc. From centuries back in Nepal has been continuously growing more amounts of food crops and today also it shares around 48.9% of total food which is nearly half.

4. Traditional technology
Nepal is practicing traditional method of farming since past. To plough the field, we never use improved seed and pesticides. GON also does not have any attention towards it.

5. Low productivity

It’s obvious to have low productivity because farmers entirely depend upon monsoon rain which is uncertain. No proper irrigation facilities and traditional method of farming causes low production.

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