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Human Development Indicator

1. Better Economic
Human development is development of overall situation of human being such as health, education, income, life expectancy etc. The variables such as human development index (HDI) per capita income (PCI), literacy rate, life expectancy at birth etc are regarded as indicators of Human Development. Some major indicators of Human Development have been discussed below.

2. Education

Educational Indicators include total literacy rate, male/female literacy rates, adult literacy rate, school enrollment rate and average years of schooling. It helps to increase the efficiency of human being.

3. Demographic

It indicates the number of year new born children would live subject to the prevailing risks of mortality. It depends upon the infant mortality rate and as of death.

4. Health

Basic needs include food, shelter, clothing, education and health service. Higher the fulfillment of basic needs, higher will be the level of human development and vice-versa.

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