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Problem of cottage and small scale industry

1. Lack of rural infrastructure
Nepal’s rural area is sympathies and have no infrastructure life is extremely difficult and hard to earn livelihood. To run an industry, infrastructure is essential but Nepal lacks infrastructure.

2. Lack of skilled manpower

Nepal does not have sufficient manpower basically skilled one Brain drain is the main problem of Nepal. All skilled manpower move abroad which is the major problem.

3. Lack of modern technology

Farmers in our country use traditional method of farming. They do not know about modern technology. They totally depend upon tradition. They depend upon monsoon rain and use low quality seed.

4. Lack of credit facilities

Farmers are poor and there is no proper banking facility in Nepal which lends money in low interest. So, farmers depend upon money- lender, traders etc and charge very high rate interest.

5. Limited market

Due to lack of infrastructure (communication and transportation) farmers do not get opportunity to sell their product in reasonable price.

6. Intermediary Exploitation

Intermediary or middlemen are the price maker of Nepalese economy. They exploit the entire economy. They charge very amount to farmers and sell/supply to market in very huge amount. They are the profit maker and exploiter.

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