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Prospects of Tourism Industry

1. Natural beauty

Nepal is a country full of natural beauty. Fast flowing river, evergreen hills, snow capped mountains etc makes Nepal look attractive and majestic. Yearly thousands of tourists visit Nepal to have glance over her magnificent beauty.

2. Religious places

Nepal is the destiny per Hindus. The greatest and the biggest temple of Hindu, Pashupatinath temple is situated in Kathmandu Nepal. The largest statue of Shiva in the world, 143ft is situated in Bhaktapur (Sanga), Nepal other many famous temples shrines etc are in Nepal such as Swyambhunath, Changunarayan, Budhanikantha etc.

3. Art and architecture

Nepal is renowned for its natural and cultural heritage and is generally reputed for the pagoda style of temple which is rare in the world. Many tourist visit Nepal to know the art and architecture of Nepal.

4. Climate and cultural diversity

Nepal is rich in both climate and cultural sector. Different climate can be found in each topography of Nepal. Extreme cold in Himalayan, mixed climate in Hilly and hot climate in Terai. Due to variety in climate, bio-diversity exists in Nepal.

Moreover, Nepal is rich in cultural aspect. There are more than 60 ethnic groups found in Nepal with 103 language. So, many tourists come to visit Nepal to learn or for research purposes.

5. Less expensive

Nepal is an underdeveloped country with few infrastructures. So, Nepal is less expensive country than others. Tourists can visit Nepal in reasonable price.

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