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Public Expenditures

Government revenue collected from different sources is allocated for different purposes. Generally public expenditure is classified into development expenditure and administrative expenditure. The government allocates resources through its ministries, departments and local authorities. These types of expenditures are made either for their own maintenance or for the promotion of social welfare of the people. In the government expenditure we include development expenditure, administrative expenditures, diplomatic expenditure, difference expenditure, payments of public debts and interest and miscellaneous expenditure.

Role or importance of public expenditure

  1. To maintain law and order’
  2. To maintain national security
  3. To provide administrative services
  4. To invest in social overheads like transportation, communication, irrigation, energy, education, health, security, law and justice
  5. To ensure economic equity in the society.
  6. For development and promotion of basic and strategic industries

Classification of public expenditure

1. Development expenditures:
Expenditures on the construction of infrastructures of transportation, communication, sanitation, irrigation, education, health, power, energy etc is called development expenditure

2. Expenditure on public utilities:
After the construction of infrastructures the government spends the money to provide facilities of education, sanitation, drinking water, communication, transportation etc. these expenditures are expenditure on public utilities.

3. Defense expenditure:
The expenditure on arms and armaments to protect the country and the people from foreign aggression is called defense expenditure

4. Expenditure on general administration:
For the good governance, to keep peace, security and justice in the country, the government makes the expenditures through different ministries, departments and constitutional bodies etc. These expenditures are called general administration expenditure

5. Conservation of resources:
To avoid depletion in the quantities and qualities of the resources and for their sustainability the government makes expenditures on their conservation. It includes expenditure on forestry, soil fertility management, irrigation, flora fauna management

6. Preservation and renovation of monuments:
For the preservation of culture, traditions, arts, skills of the people of the country the government makes the expenditure. The government spends the money also to renovate the historical, archaeological, religious monuments.

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