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Remedial Measures of poverty reduction

1. Population Control

Population is the total number of people living in a certain place for specific period of time. The more population, the more requirements of different aspects. To fulfill the need of huge population is not a simple task. But if the population is small then, fulfillment can be done. All can get job and other requirement. Finally, the number of poor decreases.

2. Industrialization

Industries are the main source of income and employment. Many people can be employment opportunities if the industries are established. Thus, the number of poor decreases with the increase in the number of industries.

3. Education

Educated people are aware about family planning measures, (birth spacing) and helps to reduce population growth. So, poor people should be provided education free of cost, and they should be aware about family planning measures.

4. Use of modern technology

People in Nepal use traditional method of farming. So, the productivity is low which includes about 49% of food crops. In order to increase productivity and standard of farmer, modern technology should be used.

5. Reduce in-equality

Vast inequality between rich and poor should be banished “Education for all”, should be implemented and maintained properly. Poor should also have equal right to go to school. So that all can know about negative impact of large population.

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