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Role of Medium and Large Scale Industries

1. Development of medium and large scale industries help to remove the problem of unemployment by creating wide range of unemployment by creating wide range of employment opportunities to unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled human resource.

2. Proper utilization of resources

Medium and large scale industries are necessary for the scientific utilization of available natural resources such as forest resources, mineral resources, human resources and water resources.

3. Sources of Government Revenue

These industries produce huge amount of goods, generally expensive one. They are exported to foreign land and Government earns tax, VAT, Sales tax, etc. which increases Government Revenue.

4. Development of basic infrastructure

Medium and large scale industries cannot be operated without proper infrastructure. So, along with the development of industries, infrastructure of development also increases simultaneously.

5. Development in agricultural sector

Modem tools and equipment are produced by medium and large scale industries. Implementation of modern tools in agricultural sector can be done. Finally, there will be development in the sector of agriculture.

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