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Critical Thinking of the poem On the Eve of His Execution

Beautifully composed by Chidiock Tichborne, “On the Eve of His Execution” is a poem which provides a dark look at a life cut short. Natural, skillful presentation of the poem gathered sympathy for the condemned of the poet and is still favorable among scholars.

Thinking or knowing about death ignites fear in anyone/everyone and the mind filled with depressive thoughts can’t think about creative things. I found some contradictory thoughts even though the poem is presented nicely. The poet joined Babington Plot to kill the queen which in itself is a crime. He should be ready to face even the worse consequence of it which is capital punishment if the plan fails. The worse happened when the plan failed, he is caught and ordered for execution. Why is he fearing the death now? If he knew death is to be painful and full of fear, why did he take part in the crime plot? He should rather accept death with dignity accepting truth and face it for the plot he involved himself in instead of crying about it.

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